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  1. How do I submit offers ?
  2. Where can I find information about ingredients I am interested in ?
  3. What are the payment terms?
  4. When is my offer confirmed?

How do I submit offers ?

Click on the offer sheet link to buy or sell.  Simply enter the information on the offer sheet and tell us how much of the product or goods you want to buy or sell, how much you want to pay and whether or not you need delivery.

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Where can I find information about ingredients I am interested in?

Just click on the specification link and scroll down to look for ingredients you may be interested in.  This list is not representative of all available ingredients that we buy and sell.

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What are the payment terms ?

Payment terms are as follows:  The first load must be paid for in advance with credit card, wire transfer,  certified check or money order.  If you are applying for credit, your application will be processed and we will notify you of your credit acceptance and terms.   Processing your credit application may take up two weeks or more.   You may not pay on credit for your first purchase. Terms on credit are net 14 days. 

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When is my offer confirmed ?

Your offer will be confirmed within the time parameters specified by you.   You will be notified by email from   Your email is your offer confirmation    Please print this out to obtain a hard  copy

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