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As of is pleased to announce the following  feed grade ingredient specials available to you for a limited time.   Contact us by  e mail to with any questions you may have on the listed specials.   All prices are FOB location - shipping can be arranged upon request.


Potato Flakes/Granules/Flour Food and Pet Food Grade available.  Typical packaging in 1000 pound totes Call for pricing Justin
Dried Tomato Pomace 40 pound bags FOB Saginaw MI call for pricing Rich
Vital Wheat Gluten 50# bags - best delivered prices available   Steve
Certified Organic Food, Feed grade rice and rice brokens Brown or white - intended for milling into flour to pet food ingredients call for availability & pricing Steve
Brewers rice & Milled brown rice with brokens Brown or white, bulk or bagged best delivered prices available Karl
Feed Grade Lactose, Non-fat dry milk, Permeate & whey Totes or bagged  delivered at prices below market value for Extra Grade, flowable current production product Steve
Inedible Egg Powder Bulk or bagged Best Prices available Karl
Brewers Yeast Roller dried and spray dried.  40-43% protein Call for delivered pricing Rich
Low Bran Oat Flour 100,000# available per week- FOOD grade Call for pricing Rich
Vegetable Pomace Comes from a food grade plant, which blends the same seven vegetables  (from greatest to least: Carrot, Celery, Beet, Parsley, Lettuce Watercress and Spinach) to make a consistent base for one of their food products. Vegetable Pomace is the dried mixture of the  peels and pulp from these healthy and flavorful vegetables. This bland tasting material is highly digestible and very consistent. Call for pricing Rich or Moni
Ground Oat Hull & Wood shavings for Bedding From Food Plant, Very clean and very dry.  Call for pricing  Moni  or
Organic Ground Flax meal 32% protein Best prices available Karl
Ground  Beet Pulp Consistent quality Fob Akron, MI Moni and Allan
CPC Corn Gluten Feed Pellets Delivered by hopper truck into Midwest prices available.   Best Contracted Prices Available! Allan and Ron

Steamed Bonemeal

Natural form of phosphorous, much better source than Dicalcium phosphate in much of the country.  Available in totes and 50 lb bags.

Call for Current pricing



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